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Stop slut shamingĀ 

Today I saw a boy calling slut to someone I care about, whole day I was thinking what slut actually is ?

SLUT – A word used by some boys to describe girls character these days.

She wears short cloths. She is slut

She is going for the late night party. She is slut.

She is having more male friends. She is slut.

She is not a virgin. She is slut.

She is not interested in you. She is slut.

She drinks alcohol. She is slut.

I heard she was born naked. That slut. šŸ™„

Is she really a slut ???


Rather I should say you have a dirty mind 

I don’t know what’s wrong with people I see the world slowly transformed into a wilderness, I hear approaching thunder which will destroy us too. I hope this cruelty ends and humanity and tranquillity will return once more..!!

I’m sorry

I’m sorry for my rude behaviour , I’m sorry I get sad easily for no reason , I’m sorry I let you down , I’m sorry if I embrassed you , I’m sorry when I tell about things that I told you about twenty times already , I’m sorry if you cried because of me , I’m sorry I’m not the person you think I am , I’m sorry for hurting you 
I don’t know how I hurted you so badly all I know is I loved you