I’m sorry

I’m sorry for my rude behaviour , I’m sorry I get sad easily for no reason , I’m sorry I let you down , I’m sorry if I embrassed you , I’m sorry when I tell about things that I told you about twenty times already , I’m sorry if you cried because of me , I’m sorry I’m not the person you think I am , I’m sorry for hurting you 
I don’t know how I hurted you so badly all I know is I loved you 

6 thoughts on “I’m sorry

  1. There’s nothing wrong with confession, my friend. Getting it out there and off your chest is a good thing. Good on you! If the feelings are negative, then others don’t have to read those posts. I tend to distrust fair-weather friends, anyway. No one’s life is all peaches and cream. Keep writing — and remember to keep reading, too. Read whatever you can get your hands on. Just my two cents’ worth 😀

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