Sunshine Blogger Award #1 and #2

Hello everyone ! I was nominated for this award by two wonderful people Sushma and Adithya Thank you so much for this. Please do check out their amazing posts. 

The Rules

Thank to the person that nominated you.

Link the post back to them.Display the picture on your post.

Answer their questions.Nominate 10 bloggers.Provide 11 questions for your nominees.

I’ll answer all 20 questions.:D

So here are questions from Adithya

1. Have you ever tried to impress someone and failed miserably?

Miserable is quite good word for how i failed, so the answer is yes.

2. One thing that you never ever wanna do?


3. How much do you enjoy blogging?

I love to blogging but I’m bad in it.

. What’s the best ever blog post that you’ve ever read?

I am free by 

5 If you could’ve been a superhero who would you be ?

I’ll go with capi.
6 Are you an obsessive thinker? If yes why do you think so?

Yup I am , I think too much about everything.
7) Which is the one animal which you are most afraid of?

I’m animal lover in fact I’m a canophilist.

8. If you were given a chance to meet any three of your fellow blogging friends who would that be and why?

just_me 🙂



You all are awesome bloggers and i can learn a lot from you

9. What is your craziest dream/ wish?

Watch elclasico at camp nou 😍

10. What’s your favorite food?

Dal bati (Rajasthani food)

11) What is your favorite word?


Now, questions ansked by Sushma

1)What is your favorite creation about writing?

Uhmmm i really dont know.

2) Who is your favourite blogger?

Uhm that’s difficult one but I’ll go with 

3)Why you write?(my most favorite and unsolved question till now)

I write to take feelings out of me.                                                                                                                                

4)What is your most adventurous thing you have ever done?

Getting lost in unknown city with besties.

5)What makes you different from any other blogger?

All of them are awesome except me.

6)What is your book?

There are so many 😀

7)What is the funniest thing you have ever done till now?

I drew funny painting on my friends face with permanent marker while he was sleeping.

8)Share one confession about your relationship?

I did break up after reading a book 😝

9)Which one dream you can never forget?(I m asking about closed eyes dream..😂)

Me playing with messi in FC Barcelona.
You can choose any 10 of 20 questions I asked:D

    Thank you everyone ❤

    63 thoughts on “Sunshine Blogger Award #1 and #2

    1. Congratulations! Funny answers and thank you for nominating me. Will do this as soon as I can. And thank you for including me in the list of bloggers you’d want to meet! I would love to meet you, too! Why I’m included as awesome and whatever it is you think you can learn from me, that I don’t know for sure! Haha! Anyways, thanks a lot! Have a wonderful week! 🙂

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