A man

This is for 

Every brother 

Every father 

Every son 

I have been bought up in the society where men are not allowed to express themselves, they told me man don’t feel , man don’t cry. Man up they told me man up young boy.

It’s not their fault you see this is what they have been taught for centuries. 

But is this right ? No, I dont think so

To all the people out there go to your brother, father or son and-

Tell them crying in public won’t mean he is weak.

Tell them it’s ok to feel low sometimes.

Tell them it’s ok to share what you have been through.

Tell them you can get tired too.

Tell them they can be emotional.

Tell them you are there when they need you.

Tell them actually wait tell yourself first look into the mirror, smile and say it’s ok.;)

Sorry women’s out there I’m not talking about feminism. But don’t you all think this should be up there with feminism? 

What should we call it man______?

42 thoughts on “A man

  1. Really a profound thought parag๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿป
    As a human being we all have equal rights to express ourselves, to cry, to feel low sometimes..if we all have heart its natural to be emotional๐Ÿ˜Œ๐Ÿ˜‡

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  2. Don’t appologise to feminists men are fighting their own battles too. When my brother cries I cry with him and we talk about how it releases the tension. Toxic masculinity can kill and I think this discussion is so important. Keep the conversation going dear friend.

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  3. Someone had to man up and say it. You did that which isn’t easy so I’m really glad someone spoke up about this because the way that society pictures a man when he shows emotions, or when he’s crying in public and admitting defeat or giving up is just wrong completely. They are allowed to feel what they want to feel.โ™ก

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