Shooting star

Like a shooting star in the deep black horizon

It was you who made me wish for more of you

Knowing truly well of the burning streak and smoke

That it left in the sky up above

But all I could care for was this moment

Where I’ll close my eyes and wish for you

Again and again and again and again

Until I turn to dust along with you my star dust.


You to me is like a moon but

You are my shooting star as well

Because I wish on you always

You are far away from me and

Moving even more farther

I want you to know that you

Can count on me always,

Until I’m stardust and you my infinity.

This is in collabration with Adithya 😊

She did all the hard work, motivated me to write, one of the best blogger I’ve seen.

Thank you Adithya ❤

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