The End

I see the sunrise

And wonder, will you ever come back?

To fill my dark murk heart.

Every moment away from you is like

A curse

I am the convict here

Please forgive me.

You loved with every last drop

Of your soul

But I am an imbecile, you know,

Without you days are just fine

But night is too shoddy

I chopped your heart

With a verbal knife,

When sun is down

And lights are out

Alone with my thoughts

I am left with my agony

There used to be days

that I thought I was okay

or at least that

I was going to be

But I am not okay

Everyday is a struggle

Everyday is arduous

They say in the end everything

Will be alright

But I guess this is the end.

The end with no light

The end where I lay on colourless bed.

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